Young Carers Development Trust

The Young Carers Development Trust is a registered charity which tackles the lack of opportunity experienced by many young carers due to their caring responsibilities.

Here are some helpful links to support you through this difficult time.

Coronavirus and Caring

Coronavirus Support Plan

Coronavirus Webinars

YCDT and CSC are hosting coronavirus Q & A webinars every Wednesday at 2pm aimed at young adult carers (14-25) and professionals working with young adult carers. Below are links to the webinars. Please note the webinars have been edited for safeguarding and confidentiality purposes and so there will be times where they skip.

13/05/2020 The ‘R’ Number, Latest Government Guidance and Looking After Yourself  Webinar link

This webinar focuses on the rate of infection ("R" number), how the latest government guidance may affect YACs, and (in line with the theme of "kindness" for next week's mental health week) how to be kind to yourself.  Following this is a link providing further information about these topics: The ‘R’ Number, Latest Government Guidance and Looking After Yourself further information

06/05/2020 Coronavirus Testing, Homeschooling and Facemasks  Webinar link

This webinar focussed on providing information about testing for the coronavirus, homeschooling resources and making a facemask. Following this is a link providing further information about coronavirus testing, homeschooling and facemasks referred to in the webinar, including recommendations from attendees: Coronavirus Testing, Homeschooling and Facemasks further information

29/04/2020  Grants and Funding   Webinar link

This webinar focussed on the grants and funding that young adult carers and their families can access.  Following this is a link for anyone wanting further information on the potential grants and funding referred to in the webinar, including recommendations from attendees: Grants and Funding further information

22/04/2020  Looking after your mental health  Webinar link

This webinar focussed on how young adult carers can look after their mental health during this uncertain time. The webinar includes discussion about the importance of structure is to feel happy and healthy, and how a (loose) timetable can support that. Following this is a link providing further information about looking after your mental health, links to support organisations and activities referred to in the webinar, including recommendations from attendees: Looking after your mental health further information

The Young Carers Development Trust

On average each year 48 school days (10 weeks) are missed or cut significantly short because of their caring roles. Children who are young carers miss out on all sorts of opportunities, from basic education to social and developmental activities. At the Young Carers Development Trust we enable young carers to fulfill their potential, their hopes and dreams.

Prior to the Trust’s formation in 2012, only one young carer in west Wiltshire had been to university. Trustees are united in their view that young carers’ life experiences often equip them for high achievement, once the difficulties caused by their caring responsibilities are addressed. The Trust is establishing a network of high-achieving young carers, willing to become active and inspiring role models for others from backgrounds similar to their own. The Trust works through its Development Managers who provide resources and mentoring for these young carers. The Trust works with young carers from North Somerset, Bristol, South Gloucester, Wiltshire and Bath & North East Somerset.