Vision, Mission & Values

The Vision

The primary aim of the Trust is to assist and improve the life chances of Young Carers who are providing a significant level of care for a disabled or seriously ill family member.

Mission Statement

The provision of both intensive one to one support and wider learning opportunities for all young carers, to enable them to achieve their potential. The Trust’s principal objectives will be achieved by encouraging them to strive for ambitious goals, to advance in life and to become active, inspiring models for others from backgrounds similar to their own.


YCDT’s values reflect the organization’s objectives and the methods used in working with Young Carers, their families, respective partners and support services. The presence and importance of these values constitute one of the elements that highlights the difference between YCDT and the service provided by the public care sector.

  • Trustees aim to inspire and develop young carers so that they grow in confidence and ambition and work hard with good humour and appreciation to improve possibilities and outcomes in the short term. Later this relationship enables them to inspire others and to achieve higher goals.
  • Trustees recognise the importance of strong, creative partnerships with organisations and individuals willing to support us to achieve our objectives and who are able to offer additional opportunities for Young Carers.
  • Trustees and employees will be innovative, bold and responsive to achieve our objectives.
  • We will be responsible stewards of the resources made available to us. We will be transparent, accountable and efficient in the use of funds and the deployment of human resources.


The Trustees’ objective is to assist and support Young Carers who are providing a ‘significant level of care’ for a disabled or seriously ill family member. This will address the imbalance and lack of diversity of opportunity which is frequently experienced by Young Carers due to their difficult role, whilst at the same time, encouraging them to strive for ambitious goals and advancement in life.

This strategy will be achieved by:

  • Working with local carer communities and centres to promote awareness and a clear understanding of the Trust’s philosophies and objectives. This will assist carer executives to identify young inspirational individuals who are most likely to meet our criteria.
  • Recruiting, training and supporting Development Mentors who have the necessary life experience, empathy and time to devote to carers and families. Development Mentors are the principal resource for mentoring, encouraging and developing Young Carers.
  • Engaging with Young Carers and providing financial, educational guidance and mentoring during their formative years.  This form of assistance will develop the Young Carers’ skills, capacities and capabilities enabling Young Carers to participate in society as mature and responsible individuals and to inspire carers in similar situations.
  • Creating a scalable organisation founded on robust policies and procedures, while simultaneously developing and improving the Trust’s governance and leadership structure. Our activities will be underpinned by sound financial management.
  • Embedding YCDT values and culture throughout the Trust.
  • Creating an adequately resourced and sustainable fundraising and communications strategy which builds upon the approach of our existing funders.

Public Benefit Statement

In setting YCDT’s objectives and planning its activities, we have given careful consideration to the Charity Commission’s public benefit guidance. In particular, we have considered how our planned activities will contribute to our vision and mission. All our charitable activities focus on assisting and supporting Young Carers who are providing a ‘significant level of care’ for a disabled or seriously ill family member and they are undertaken to further our charitable purposes for the public benefit.

Privacy Policy

YCDT is committed to protecting your privacy and security and ensuring you remain informed and in control of your information.  Download our Privacy Policy.

Similar Charities

The Trustees believe their strategy to assist Young Carers is unique and are unaware of any other organisation using the same approach.