Young Carer Resources


If you have a safeguarding concern, please contact the following agencies depending on the locality of the young carer:

*      Wiltshire – Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) Team on 0300 456 0108 (out of hours: 0300 456 0100)
*      BANES – Children and Families Duty and Assessment Team on 01225 396312 or 01225 396313. If outside of office hours, please call the Emergency Duty Team on 01454 615165

*      Bristol – First Response Team on 0117 903 6444. When our offices are closed call the Emergency Duty Team on 01454 615 165.
*       South Glos. - 01454 866000 ‐ Monday to Friday; 01454 615165 ‐ Out of hours/Weekends
*      North Somerset - 01454 615165 ‐ Out of hours/Weekend

At the Young Carers Development Trust we take safeguarding seriously and believe that protecting people from harm is everyone’s responsibility. For more details on YCDT's Statement of Intent and policy, click here.

Young Carer's Mental Health Resource 

YAC Aspirations Conference April 2022

After the success of our first in-person conference, we can't wait to meet again next year!

A selection of the 2022 workshops are available below:

Employability Skills for Young Adult Carers

My Time Young Carers

Exam Ready (exam revision & preparation techniques)


Exploring Higher Education


Going to University (support for young carers to leave home)


Pressure Proof (how to cope with stress and access support)

Off The Record Bristol

University Life, Life Before University

University of Exeter

Young Adult Carers Rights

Bristol Carers Support Centre

Carers Rights Workshop 2021 

This workshop, delivered as part of our YAC Online Aspirations Conference 2021, focuses on the rights of unpaid carers, in particular young adult carers.

Young Adult Carer Aspirations Conference 2021

Our second highly successful conference, on 27th October 2021, was aimed at helping young carers to identify their strengths and apply them to higher education, further education and employment settings. We were delighted to be able to offer this to young adult carers and the feedback has been amazing.  Thank you to all those who contributed to the success of our conference this year.
An special thank you to those people gave who shared their experiences as a young carer, you are inspirations to us all:  Sir Ed Davey, Leader of the Liberal Democrats; Dekeisha Rodd, YCDT Ambassador and Scarlett Cooper, YCDT Ambassador. A huge thank you also to Sir Ed Davey for opening this year's conference so beautifully for us this year.  
We are delighted to be able to share these speeches with you:
Feedback on YCDT's conferences:
"Aim High. The route isn't impossible, just along an alternative path" 
"I now understand what I can access as a (young) carer"
"It made me feel a lot less alone as a young carer"
Feedback from organisations that support young carers:
"It will help me support young carers across my region"
"It gave me the desire to empower young adult carers with all the information I have taken from the day"

Young Carer Support Webinars 

Support For Young Carers Leaving Home This webinar is focused on enabling young carers and young adult carers to leave home to attend university, college or other educational settings. It includes creating a support plan for the cared for person, practical advice to support the young carer and emotional support.

'How to identify and support young carers to reach their potential' in school and beyond. Presented on behalf of Study Hire 

"Know Your Rights" This teacher CPD session explores young carer and young adult carer assessments, what support is available in education and health settings and other handy tips and advice. Presented on behalf of Study Hire 

The Coronavirus and Young Carers

Here are two links aimed to support our young carers, their families and anyone else in need through this difficult time.

Coronavirus and Caring

Coronavirus Support Plan

Young Carers Support (coronavirus related) Webinars 

YAC and CSC Coronavirus Q&A webinars weekly at 15:30 during lockdown for YACs aged 14-25 and professionals working with YACs. Below are links to all the webinars. Please note the webinars have been edited for safeguarding and confidentiality purposes and so there will be times where they skip.

3/3/21 YAC Return to School Webinar Link

This webinar featured guest Lydia McMillan from Ark Putney Academy and discussed the challenges YAC face in their imminent return to school. Return to school webinar 3/3/21 further information

Lockdown 3.0 (2021) Webinars:

10/2/21 YAC news; Transferable Skills gained through Caring; Wellbeing, YCAD Webinar Link

This webinar discussed YAC related Covid-19 news, transferrable skills gained through caring, 5 Ways to Wellbeing 5/5: Give and Young Carer Action Day 16th March Webiniar 10/2/21 further information

3/2/21  Covid-19 News, Covid-19 & Education, Widening Participation Programmes & Free Online Courses, Wellbeing Webinar Link

This webinar discussed YAC related Covid-19 news, Impact of Covid-19 on YAC Education, Widening Participation programmes,  Free Online Short Courses, 5 Ways to Wellbeing 4/5: Keep Learning   Webinar 3/2/21 further information

27/1/21  Support Bubbles and Carer Respite, Carer Assessments, Wellbeing Webinar Link

This webinar discussed support bubbles and respite available to carers, accessing carer assessments and the 5 Ways to Wellbeing 3/5: Take Notice Webinar 27/1/20 further information 

20/1/21 Exams, Vaccines for young carers, Safeguarding from excessive care and Wellbeing Webinar Link

This webinar discussed the current exams situation, the likelihood of vaccines for young carers, safeguarding yourself from inappropriate and excessive care, 5 ways to wellbeing. Webinar 20/1/21 further information

13/1/21 School closures, exam cancellations, the vaccine and wellbeing during lockdown. Webinar Link

It was great to see so many young adult carers at our first webinar of 2021! This webinar discussed school closures and the current exam situation for different exam boards and different qualifications, the vaccines and how YACs can stay happy and healthy throughout during lockdown.  Webinar 31/1/21 further information

Webinars During the Coronavirus Lockdown March - June 2020.

27/8/20 YAC Coronavirus "Back to School" Q&A webinar  Webinar Link

This webinar discussed how to appeal (or not to appeal) your GCSE, BTEC and A-Level results. We also take a look at what schools, sixth forms, colleges and universities will look like in September with hygiene measures, social distancing and "bubbles" in place. The webinar finishes with tips on managing 'back to school' anxiety and where to access support. 

24/06/20 The impact of relaxing social distancing guidance on young adult carers Webinar Link

This webinar focussed on the imminent relaxation of social distancing guidance and how that may affect YACs- particularly those who are caring for someone who is shielding. We also discussed how young adult carers can perform a  self "health check", taking time to reflect and spot signs that they may have met their coping threshold. We also talk about where they can go for support, both for early help and in a crisis.  The webinar closes with information about the National Tutoring Programme to start in schools from Autumn 2020 and with inventive ways to find quiet spaces to work within the home and out and about.

17/06/20  Guest Speaker Amy Riley and her experiences as a young adult carer  Webinar Link

In this webinar, guest speaker Amy Riley spoke beautifully about her experience as a young adult carer, the skills she gained from caring and then transferred to overcome her barriers to get to university. She also spoke about the people and schemes that helped her along the way. Guest Speaker Amy Riley and her experiences as a young adult carer further information

10/06/20  Carers Week: #MakingCaringVisible  Webinar Link

This webinar focussed on a Carers Week theme of #MakingCarersVisible. This webinar included a Covid policy update, #makingcaringvisible: who to tell and why, University offerings for YACs. Following this is a link providing further information about this topics and links to useful websites/resources. Carers Week: #MakingCaringVisable further information

27/05/20  Schools Reopening, IFS study & Youth Employment Group and Skills for Success  Webinar Link

This webinar focussed on government guidance for schools reopening for years 10 and 12 and how that might look like in reality.  We discussed the recent IFS report regarding the impact of covid-19 on youth employment. The webinar concluded with detail on how YACs can identify their skills gained from caring and show how they transfer to the job market. Following this is a link providing further information about these topics: Schools Reopening, IFS study & Youth Employment Group and Skills for Success further information

20/05/2020  Schools Reopening, Summer Holidays and Mental Health Week theme of "Kindness"  Webinar link

This webinar focussed on the latest surrounding schools reopening, the likelihood of a summer holiday and the Mental Health Week theme of "Kindness".  Following this is a link providing further information about these topics: Schools Reopening, Summer Holidays and Mental Health Week theme of "Kindness" further information

13/05/2020 The ‘R’ Number, Latest Government Guidance and Looking After Yourself  Webinar link

This webinar focuses on the rate of infection ("R" number), how the latest government guidance may affect YACs, and (in line with the theme of "kindness" for next week's mental health week) how to be kind to yourself.  Following this is a link providing further information about these topics: The ‘R’ Number, Latest Government Guidance and Looking After Yourself further information

06/05/2020 Coronavirus Testing, Homeschooling and Facemasks  Webinar link

This webinar focussed on providing information about testing for the coronavirus, homeschooling resources and making a facemask. Following this is a link providing further information about coronavirus testing, homeschooling and facemasks referred to in the webinar, including recommendations from attendees: Coronavirus Testing, Homeschooling and Facemasks further information

29/04/2020  Grants and Funding   Webinar link

This webinar focussed on the grants and funding that young adult carers and their families can access.  Following this is a link for anyone wanting further information on the potential grants and funding referred to in the webinar, including recommendations from attendees: Grants and Funding further information

22/04/2020  Looking after your mental health  Webinar link

This webinar focussed on how young adult carers can look after their mental health during this uncertain time. The webinar includes discussion about the importance of structure is to feel happy and healthy, and how a (loose) timetable can support that. Following this is a link providing further information about looking after your mental health, links to support organisations and activities referred to in the webinar, including recommendations from attendees: Looking after your mental health further information

Young Adult Carer Aspirations Conference October 2020 Closing Speeches: Amy and Alise